Joe Panzner
Audio Engineering

Joe Panzner
Independent Audio Engineer
Columbus, OH
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Services Offered

Mastering, mixing, editing, track programming, and more -- from the most basic polishing and preparation to extensive audio repair work, with a special emphasis on the unique demands of experimental/electronic/noise music. All mastering projects are uniquely tailored for your release format, and package deals are available for releases in multiple formats (LP+download, cassette+download, LP and CD, etc.).

Budget-conscious rates, quick turnaround, friendly and responsive service, satisfaction guaranteed. For rates and other inquiries, send an email to jpanzneraudio (at) gmail (dot) com.

Past clients

Mike Shiflet, Michael Pisaro, Keith Rowe, Christian Wolff, Graham Stephenson, Aaron Zarzutzki, Richard Kamerman, Anne Guthrie, Keroaäan (Ian M Fraser/Reed Evan Rosenberg), Antoine Beuger, Meridian (Greg Stuart/Nick Hennies/Tim Feeney), Ryan Jewell, Sun Hammer, Sujo, Radere, Chandan Narayan, Jeffrey Allport, Joda Clément, Jason Zeh, Envenomist, Bbob Drake, and all Joe Panzner solo and collaborative releases.


Joe Panzner is a computer musician and audio engineer from Columbus, OH with over a decade of experience in electronic and experimental music production. His sound work draws on the live electronic music of John Cage and David Tudor, the long-form memory experiments of Morton Feldman, and the digital extremism of Peter Rehberg, Florian Hecker, Zbigniew Karkowski, Dion Workman, and Kevin Drumm. In addition to his solo performance and composition, he records and performs with scenic railroads alongside fellow computer/electronics musician Mike Shiflet and in an ongoing collaboration with percussionist Greg Stuart.